Central Building Surveyors

What does Central Building Surveyors Do?

Central Building Surveyors provides a full range of building surveying services from building investigations through to formal reporting, remediation and restoration as well as expert testimony.

Our Main Services

Our main services include assisting building owners to obtain a code compliance certificate, performing building assessments, managing building restoration services and performance monitoring of buildings.

Central Building Surveyors have been helping our clients resolve building failure issues since 2003. These issues range from leaky exterior cladding, foundation settlement, through to sick building syndrome.

Our services combine practical know-how and scientific analysis with highly effective investigation methods. Central Building Surveyors has developed exclusive and innovative assessment and remediation processes that aim to restore our clients' buildings to full value at reasonable cost.

Our Dispute Resolution Services

Central Building Surveyors also provide support for dispute resolution processes. Our technical advice, evidence briefs, expert opinions, and expert testimony have assisted numerous claimants and respondents to resolve building and construction disputes.

Contact Central Building Surveyors Directly

Contact us today if you have any concerns about your building’s performance, compliance, weathertightness or if you are just looking for peace of mind. We have offices in Hastings & Tauranga, and both Mark and Steve are directly available on their cellphones.

Our Process

Comply > Assess > Restore > Monitor


residential buildings assessed


commercial buildings assessed


commercial & residential buildings remediated

Recent News

Recent remediation

Central Building Surveyors recently remediated the exterior envelope of a pebble dash solid plaster home built in 1998, which had no Code Compliance Certificate.